2012-05-18 USAID Hydropower Investment Promotion Project and ISET Conference - Young Leaders Role in Georgian Energy Sector

USAID-funded Hydropower Investment Promotion Project (HIPP) and International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University (ISET) conducted a conference for the representatives of Georgian energy and education sectors actively involved in Georgian energy sector development. The goal of this conference was to strengthen and promote young leaders’ role in Georgian energy sector, stimulate open discussion and exchange of information on recent developments in the hydropower sector that will facilitate coordination among all energy stakeholders. The Conference was opened by Jill Kelley, USAID Energy and Environment Programs Director; presentations were made by young energy sector professionals, mostly ISET graduates working in HIPP, as well as in other energy related projects. Issues raised by young leaders in their presentations covered almost all issues related to Georgia's hydropower: export potential and export markets for Georgian power plants, electricity trading mechanism, market enabling entity of small HPPs in Georgia; transition to competitive power markets;  strategic planning of energy sector of Georgia using MARKAL models, CDM, GO and other green certificates as an accelerator for the investments for new HPPs;  small hydropower development: case study; seasonality issues: problems with building the New HPPs and the wind alternative; new HPP projects – evaluation social costs and benefits; and energy efficiency issues.