2014-03-23 Conference at GTU - “Young Leaders in Georgian Energy Sector”

April 23, USAID’s Hydro Power and Energy Planning Project (HPEP) and the Ministry of Energy of Georgia held a Conference - “Young Leaders in Georgian Energy Sector” for professional and academic circles of Georgian energy sector. 

The goal of this conference was to strengthen and promote young leaders’ role in Georgian energy sector, stimulate open discussion and exchange of information on recent developments in hydro power investment issues that will facilitate coordination among all energy stakeholders. A special effort was made this year to include young female leaders and high school students from Tbilisi public schools in Georgian energy sector and look forward to a balanced representation from both male and female presenters. 

The Conference was attended by the representatives of the MoE and other stakeholders as well as the university students from economic and power engineering departments and Tbilisi secondary schools.