2012-05-29 Hydropower Investment Promotion Project's Public Awareness Workshops in Upper Enguri River Basin Community

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Hydropower Investment Promotion Project (HIPP) supports development of a minimum 400 MW in new, run-of-the-river hydropower stations in Georgia. This project is managed by Deloitte Consulting. As part of this program, HIPP has identified three clusters of project sites in the Enguri River Basin. HIPP is now conducting pre-feasibility studies for 15 projects with a total capacity of 431 MW.  These HPP sites are on the River Enguri and its tributaries (Khaldeschala, Adishchala, Dolra, Mulkhura, Mestiachala, Tviberi and Tsaneri) Upper Svaneti region. The HIPP team is preparing basic technical studies to evaluate the technical and economical feasibility of the projects.


As part of this process and with the aim of ensuring public participation at the early planning stage, identify areas of community concern, and gather feedback from local residents public awareness workshops were held in the Building of Mestia Municipality and Ushguli Secondary School with the communities of Mestia, Ushguli and the surrounding villages that can be impacted by projects implementation (Svipi, Tviberi, Bogreshi, Nakipari, Leli, Lahili, Jabeshi, Lakhushdi, Ushxvanari, Lalkhori, Chazhashi, Vichnashi). Totally up to 100 community members were attending the workshops  - 70 in Mestia and 30 in Ushguli, which is the highest inhabited place in Europe.


The Workshop aimed at:

  • increasing awareness of local communities on small and medium run-of-the-river hydro power plans and promote their support to such activities;
  • informing local community the goal of the project and ensuring their involvement at the early planning stage.
  • identifying community concerns regarding the possible development of the project and gaining their feedback; ensure positive attitude towards the project and increase cooperation perspectives between public and project developers.

 Minutes of the Workshops will be attached to HPP Pre-feasibility Studies developed by HIPP.